Professional Nano CBD Message Oil



Professional Nano CBD Message Oil 250ml bottle

1,000mg Nano CBD: equal to 6,000mg bioavailable CBD

Nano CBD Professional Massage Oil is a relaxing smooth glidding oil that works to moisturise and hydrate the skin while allowing the nano CBD’s to get directly to the source of your pain and discomfort and start working immediately.  This professional massage oil is made from organic carrier oils, including Kakudo plum oil from the high deserts of Australia with 1000 times more vitamin C than an orange, 100% organic hemp derived CBD with 0% THC.  This powerful massage oil is sure to give one of the best therapudic massages you can experience.

Great For: All type of massage

Our Nano CBD Difference

Our Nano CBD is 100% bioavailable, which means it can be fully absorbed by our bodies.  This makes our nano CBD’s 6 times stronger than standard CBD oil or isolate.  You get 6 times more absorption, allowing 100mg of our nano CBD to have the strength of 600mg, you need less to feel more.  It also allows for faster onset and longer longevity.  Our nano CBD is made from 100% organic hemp derived CBD with 0% THC. Produced under the standards set by ISO 9001 manufacturing quality assurance system.

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