Skunkhouse was created by Skunkmasterflex while growing medical cannabis in his home state of Michigan in 2005 .

Always on the hunt for the killer OG kush like he found in Venice Beach CA he soon realized that there was not a solid representation of OG Kush in Seed form.

One of his favorite strains was LarryOG so he set out to make the best possible LarryOG he could in seed form. Using the only OGKush outcross he could find at the time he crossed it to the LarryOG then continuted to back cross it using a male chosen from Hundreds of plants.

Skunkmaster’s male selection is very rigid and vigorous to get the best possible traits to pass along. 9 years later we now have a LarryOG in an F8 generation. Which is a stable potent classic OG but with improved yield and structure.

The Skunkhouse LarryOG line has become a fan favorite and been used in lots of incredible breeding around the world.

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