HashBurger Clone



HashBurger Clone Description

Get your hands on one of the latest most famous Burger to hit the Block

HashBurger is a cross consisting of HanSoloHashPlant an amazing combo of HanSoloBurger & BlackTriangleKush crossed to Double Burger which is GMO & DonnyBurger.

This clone finishes in 9 weeks and has all the burger attributes you have grown to love and want.

Big harvests of perfect beautiful glistening flowers, over flowing with stanky louds skunk terps stinking up any room you walk into!

Huge yields of the finest award winning Hash at 7%+

This one is a banger in all arenas.

Bringing back the old school funky skunky loud fuel terps everyone has been missing.

You get one clone shipped safely anywhere in the US with next day overnight shipping.



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