Nano CBD Emulsion



Nano CBD Emulsion 10ml bottle

2,000mg Nano CBD is equal to 12,000mg bioavailable CBD

 Nano CBD emulsion is a super concentrated organic oil with unlimited usage possibilities.  1ml contains 200mg nano CBD which is equal to 1,200mg in only 1ml, this means a few drops of this oil goes a long way! Made from 100% organic hemp derived CBD with 0% THC. It’s safe for children, adults, and pets. Our nano CBD emulsion is tasteless, odorless and will last you a long time

Great For: Stiffness, Pain, Arthritis, Inflammation, Anxiety, Insomnia, Epilepsy, Cold Soars/Canker Soars, Pimples , Diaper Rash, Red Irritated Skin, Burns, Bug Bites, Mix with Aloe to Help Heal Sunburns Faster, the list can go on and on its so versatile.

Usages:  Oral: 1Drop directly under tongue. 2. Mix drops into small amount of honey then dilute honey in hot tea or beverage of choice. 3. Drop onto any bite of food or simply add drops to your drinking water.

                  Topical: Drop a few drops onto your finger and apply to needed area, for cold soars, rashes, zits, burns, bug bites…

                  Pets: Drop directly onto food

Dosage: 10mg nano CBD per drop, Effect dose is 60mg CBD per drop.


Our Nano CBD Difference

Our Nano CBD is 100% bioavailable, which means it can be fully absorbed by our bodies.  This makes our nano CBD’s 6 times stronger than standard CBD oil or isolate.  You get 6 times more absorption, allowing 100mg of our nano CBD to have the strength of 600mg; you need less to feel more.  It also allows for faster onset and longer longevity.  Our nano CBD is made from 100% organic hemp derived CBD with 0% CBD. Produced under the standards set by ISO 9001 manufacturing quality assurance system.


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